Jess Franco Sadist of Notre Dame Original Unused Key Art. Signed A3 Satin Print.


Signed A3 satin print featuring my original composition for the key art for Severin Films blu-ray release of Jess Franco’s ‘The Sadist of Notre Dame’


I was commissioned in 2018 by Severin Films to paint key art for their blu-ray release of the Jess Franco euro horror cult classic ‘The Sadist of Notre Dame’.

This is my original hand painted composition that I submitted before it was simplified at Severin’s request to create the final piece that was actually used.

This image isn’t available anywhere else, except as a print from myself.

The unused elements were hand-painted over to allow more space for the titles to be added by Severin for the final release.

The amended version that was used on the blu-ray cover is also available to buy as a print, minus Severin’s titles.

You will receive an A3 full colour satin print from my photo of the original composition, which will be signed by myself and shipped flat in a card backed envelope.

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